Download Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel (2009/PS3/ENG) free

The energy of movement, energy of magic, energy of thought ... This uniform force - life-giving breath of the world . When she was in careful hands of the Seraphim , Ankara flourished. All continue to be good, if not the desire to do even better . Seraphim shared the gift of command existing energy with high elves. Who then would have thought that such generosity was a fatal mistake? Indeed, the city of elves became so beautiful , and before it became a talented people ... Elves have developed so rapidly that soon some of them decided to defy the gods themselves! Another part of elven society opposed impudent madmen . All Ankara split in two. Use the energy to rise above the immortal or to stop disastrous avidity of power , in order to save what has not died ?

Released: 2009
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment
Publisher: Software Entertainment
Publication Type: License
Language: English
Platform: PS3
File size: 9.49 GB

- Ankara will become livelier and more beautiful. Excellent graphics at the forefront of progress and realistic physical model will transform game into an adventure , bordering on reality !
- Become the savior of the world's Ankara or dip it into the darkness.
- 6 main characters , including a great guest from the first game - Seraphim.
- The whole world , a completely open for research.
You will need about five hours of real time to cross it from one end to another !
- Large-scale multiplayer mode - to develop your character and engage in online battles with other players.
- More than 800 scene and minor tasks .
- Ability to progress through the game as for the forces of Light and Darkness for the supporters .
- 5 difficulty levels : bronze, silver, gold , platinum , niobium.
- Over 200 types of weapons: from swords and axes to devastating magic wands and bows. 

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