Fallout 3 : Game of the Year Edition (2009/USA/ENG/PS3)

Continuation of cult role-playing series , which the unfolding events in the world, post-nuclear war . War ... War is always war and never changes . At the end of the twenty -first century struggle for oil fields provoked the conflict between the U.S. and China. The diplomatic dispute soon escalated into armed confrontation between two superpowers, which lasted a few hours . Who launched the first missiles had remained a mystery . Earth has become a scorched desert. There were no losers or winners. Only a few managed to escape from fatal radiation in special shelters, built shortly before the disaster . A new era in human history ...

The main character in Fallout 3 is lucky: he was born in a shelter, and lived for many years under the protection adamantine reinforced concrete walls, not knowing the dangers that people wait on the surface. But once his father left the shelter and disappeared in an unknown direction. Soon the suspicions of fellow and filial duty to follow his father and go to meet fate. What it will be depends on you !

Year: 2009
Genre: Action (Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Code disc: BLUS- 30451
Publication Type: License
Language: English
Type of translation: Missing ( Original)
Platform: PS3
File size: 8,12 GB

- Freedom of choice. To be friendly or forget pity? In dealing with game characters you can pick one's words or to use as the main argument of the plasma rifle.
- V.A.T.S. to help . Unique combat system will help to develop the most effective tactics of the battle with the enemy.
- A world without borders. The study of urban ruins and walk along the barren wasteland with a first or third person.
- Operation: Anchorage. C using a military simulator virtual reality players will travel back in time to liberate the city of Anchorage , located on the territory of Alaska from the Chinese invaders.
- The Pitt. Players are risky forays into dilapidated Pittsburgh , where everyone will have to choose a side in the conflict in the confrontation between slaves and their masters raiders.
- Broken Steel. Fans of Fallout 3 will be the participants in the events that ensued at the Capital Wasteland after the original game. They'll have to join the final battle with the remnants of the enclave under the guise of fighting robot Liberty Prime. In this supplement, the hero can develop up to thirty levels.
- Point Lookout. An unforgettable journey through the endless swamps of Maryland, which hide many dark secrets , and valuable artifacts and deadly.
- Mothership Zeta. Players will rebuff the alien aggressors and to try to get to their ship, drifting somewhere over the Capital Wasteland.

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